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We at SuperVoid Systems understand the challenges associated with building on expansive soils as well as, or better than, anyone in the industry. We have developed engineered void form systems which are used to isolate concrete structural elements and plumbing systems from the potentially damaging effects of expansive soils. Our systems are predictable and reliable.

This gives engineers (including us) peace of mind. We have complete confidence that our void form systems work because they have worked flawlessly time and time again. We have never been involved in an unsuccessful project! All SuperVoid products are effectively waterproof and can be used successfully in all weather conditions. This allows contractors to get their foundations done on time and get up out of the mud!

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<h4>If you can't walk on it, how can you build on it?</h4>

If you can't walk on it, how can you build on it?

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Unguarded from the potentially damaging effects of expansive soils, plumbing systems and structural foundation elements can be exposed to tremendous forces. The accumulation of these forces due to soil expansion can cause severe damage to buildings and critical building systems. The SuperVoid mindset is to keep the expansive soil from making contact with building components. Supervoid Systems voids act as structural fuses.

Our void systems are engineered to be strong enough to maintain their shape during construction, then to collapse as the soil heaves under them. As the voids collapse, the forces which would otherwise accumulate on building components, are absorbed by the void. With more than 11 years of experience in engineering and more than 50 years of construction experience, we engineer and manufacture waterproof sacrificial concrete void forms used throughout the United States.