Rib Retainers

SuperVoid Rib Retainers

Substantial Rib Retainers Hold Up During Backfill

SuperVoid Rib Retainers are sturdy purpose built soil retainer panels which reliably maintain void envelopes during and after backfill. Like all other SuperVoid products, Rib Retainers were invented to fill a need that the construction industry had otherwise failed to fill. Rib Retainers are designed to be much stronger than other plastic soil retainer panels and unlike other plastic panels, Rib Retainers actually work as they are intended to. Rib Retainers much lighter weight than concrete soil retainer panels, yet just as strong, if not stronger. Rib Retainers are molded from 95% recycled HDPE plastic and like all other SuperVoid products, we don't scrimp on quality for the sake of economy. Our customers agree that this is the best soil retainer panel available anywhere.


SuperVoid Rib Retainer Soil Retainer Panels

Form Follows Function

The form of SuperVoid Rib Retainers truly follows the function. Each panel is molded with a shiplap which overlaps the adjacent panel and allows fasteners to pass through both panels. The panels are also thick enough for the fasteners to find purchase and hold fast. This creates the best joint possible and is effectively soil tight. The "knife-edged" perimeter of the panels allow the panels to slice through expanding soils. This attribute prevents the accumulations of forces on the panels which might otherwise dislodge them from their intended positions. Rib Retainer panels are easily cut with any type of saw and screws joining the rib of one panel to the flat of another panel form a very sturdy corner connection. Like all other SuperVoid products, Rib Retainers were designed to be understood by the least bright and most inexperienced personnel.